Boston EMS April 9th in the Hinterlands

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This person is completely right about the horribly long wait times we can have in Allston and Brighton when an ambulance is needed. I have had personal experience with this when an elderly neighbor had a vein burst that resulted in significant bleeding. The firemen arrived in a reasonable time, but it felt like a 1/2 hour wait at least for the ambulance to arrive to take him to the hospital. My wife recently saw a similar problem when a woman fainted at the Brighton YMCA. Getting sick or injured people to a hospital in a reasonable period of time seems to me like a very basic city service that we all should be able to depend on.

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  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Just so y'all know... There is only one Boston EMS ambulance (and I don't know about what we've got for paramedics) officially assigned to the Allston/Brighton area. I dont think they'll be getting a new one any time soon, but as long as the fire crews have a good response time (which they do,) we're pretty much fine. However, if it is a priority one call (cardiac arrest, etc.) they will send the closest ambulance and paramedic unit available.