Harvard Business School can't really have a $55 million landscpaing budget, can it?

Harvard Business School: The Acrostic Poem


  1. Well, when you see Cambridge Landscape's employees constantly digging-up trees and shrubs to replace them with something else (not there was anything wrong with what was there), planting seasonal flowers, and the yearly replacement of ruined grass with spankin' new rolls of sod just in time for commencement, it comes as no surprise. It's also completely ridiculous.

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Maybe we can think of it another way... I am not affiliated with HBS but have young children and live in the neighborhood, and we often go to HBS to use the playground, beautiful fields, and even the cafeteria (which, incidentally, is open to the public and quite good). Perhaps the landscaping isn't such a bad thing...? We're much happier with a well-kept neighbor than with the filth that seems to creep into the other local public spaces.