Street sweepers are back, but what do they sweep?

I'm not sure if I am happy or not to see the spring return of the street sweepers to our neighborhood. On one hand, anything that makes this place cleaner is great to see. But when the sweeper goes down streets lined with parked cars it really doesn't accomplish much of anything. Even if we don't want to have parking restrictions to let the sweepers get to the curb where all the trash accumulates, there must be a better way. Elsewhere in Boston, people do manage with bi-monthly no parking. There is even an online service from that sends email reminders to help people remember when to move cars to avoid tickets -


  1. Seeing as we're already paying for it, we really should have set days/dates with parking restrictions. If people get mad because they don't want to move their car or because they got a ticket for not moving it, I ask; aren't you mad that you've been paying for this all along? You should be.

  2. Charlie D.1:14 PM

    The city needs to tow cars that are illegally parked... simple as that. Parking on the street is a privilege that the city allows. The least drivers can do is move their cars when it's time to clean.

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