Genzyme to add 115,000 sq ft onto Allston plant

Biotech boomtown: Genzyme to build onto Allston plant - Business -

This is a surprise. I have never heard about this project - has anyone else in the community? How does it fit in with Harvard's plans?

With sales of its newest drug, Myozyme, soaring, Genzyme is hammering out plans for a $125 million expansion of its North Allston plant.

The proposal, set to receive City Hall’s approval next week, would add another 115,000 square feet to the existing 180,000-square-foot drug-making complex.

Construction could start soon on that first phase, officials said.

Meanwhile, the biotech giant is now eyeing plans for an even larger future expansion. While the proposal is still tentative, the company is exploring whether to add another 170,000 square feet of new manufacturing space and parking to its North Allston drug plant.

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