Charlesview not wasting any time (or spending any time talking to the rest of the community) before getting their proposal to the BRA

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: University Acquires Allston Land: "Community Builders will submit a proposal to the Boston Redevelopment Authority by the end of the year."

From - The Community Builders, Inc. works in collaboration with neighborhood groups, residents, public and private agencies, and philanthropic interests. Becoming a long-term stakeholder in the neighborhood, we create effective local implementation teams that combine neighborhood understanding, technical skills, and managerial ability.

OK - Let's see that neighborhood understanding and collaboration with the public! Allston and Brighton are ready!


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Neighborhood understanding, you mean like handing out flyers that say there will be about 268 units and they at the meeting say, oops, we mean 600!! I certaintly didn't expect lies from a group of clergy and not a great way to start our a process.

    The aging mess on Western Ave should be torn down, but it should not be replaced by market rate condos and 6 and 10 story buildings. The residents deserve newer units and better living conditions, but why so many at-rate units.

    Let's see how the Allston/Brighton community deals with the proposed height and density issues now. Parking for 450 cars (mostly underground), actually most will be on the already crowded streets.

    Increased traffic and urban density seems like a great community benefit to me.

  2. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Ground breaking will be in august of 2008.