The Harvard Crimson reports on last night's Harvard Allston Task Force meeting

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Residents Debate Allston Benefits

"Members of the Allston neighborhood last night offered up a cacophony of shouts insisting that their voices be heard in the debate over what benefits Harvard should provide to the community as it plans its expansion across the Charles River.

At a meeting of the Harvard Allston Task Force last night, Allston residents said they were no longer content with waiting as the deadline for the legally binding plan for community benefits to be implemented by Harvard over the next decade reaches its year-end deadline.

“Lots of people in the community have thought about the benefits questions but have not had the chance to voice those concerns in this forum,” said task force member Brent Whelan. “I’m wondering when in this meeting will the 50 or so neighbors present...have time to represent their opinions?”"

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