TAB and Crimson coverage of Tuesday's ABNNF meeting

Charlesview housing plans spark outrage - Allston/Brighton TAB

Residents who attended the latest gathering of the Allston-Brighton North Neighbors Forum expressed outrage at the latest Charlesview housing proposal filed by Community Builders Inc., the developer

Neighbors want more of a mix of economic levels in the area, more homeownership opportunities, and more involvement by Harvard in the community planning process. They are concerned that the planned one- and two-bedroom units might attract people less likely to put down roots in the neighborhood, and that market-rate units might be sold to investors.

Paul Berkeley, a neighbor, said the project’s proposed density is nearly five times the area’s current density, adding, “The numbers don’t work for us. They work for the developer.”

Residents Oppose New Building - The Harvard Crimson

“I sense fear here, and we’re all asking, ‘What are we going to lose now?’” Allston resident Leonard W. Kelliher said. “We’re strictly on the defense, trying to stop [Harvard] from doing this, but they’re just moving on in.”

Harvard’s hands-off approach to the Charlesview relocation has been the subject of strong criticism from residents. Although Harvard is funding the relocation of the complex, it has left the details of the process to Community Builders Inc.

“Harvard’s refusal to help is a slap in the face,” resident Helena Creamer said. “It bodes very badly for what we can anticipate in our future dealings with them.”

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