"University has a right to expand" says BC freshman

Actually, BC has no such right.

I have no right to buy some coin-operated washing machines and run a laundromat out of my basement. I have no right to buy my neighbors homes, combine the lots, demolish the existing homes, and build a 10 story apartment building. And regardless of whether or not it is a good idea, Boston College has no "right" to build dormitories, athletic stadiums, or anything else that does not pass the City's review.

Like it or not, we are all governed by Boston's Zoning Code and Boston and every other town and city in America does have the right to limit and restrict development and use of property.

Perhaps the folks at the Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review might consider the issues relative to BC's planned expansion, especially considering the environmental impacts of development on the former seminary's green space.

University has a right to expand - Opinions

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  1. Harry, I am pretty excited about BC's 10-year master plan, since I actually attend their business school part time. BC is an extremely cramped campus and any room available would help out the academics and the learning environment. Their gym doesn't even have air conditioning because the building was built in the 70s with pointed roofs that would not accommodate chillers and air handling units. You seem to be concerned with the idea of this as a hostile takeover...but this is a 10-year master plan. They are looking at using the archdiocese's land as the expansion point. Not only that, but a lot of BC students live in the surrounding area already, or they are rich folks in Newton. BC already also has a Newton campus; we need the campus to not be disjointed, and to continually improve education in Boston as a whole, and not just the Harvards and the MITs.