TAB coverage of 3/13 Harvard Task Force meeting

Neighbors: Charlesview developers not listening - Allston/Brighton TAB

Residents are still opposed to the Charlesview Redevelopment project and feel their concerns aren't being adequately addressed, members of the Harvard-Allston community task force said Wednesday, March 12, just two days after a public hearing on the project with the Boston Redevelopment Authority and developers.

“We're not just a little bit unhappy about it,” said Allston resident Len Kelliher at the task force's meeting Wednesday, March 12. “Everything has to be changed down there. People are really upset. We just want your attention. We're for real.”


  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I like to know why A Charlesview Resident is not repesented on this group. {IAG Independent Advisory Group}There are 2 people that are on this group that should not be representing it at all 1- works for the Allston Brighton Resource center who is affilated with the BRA, THE MAYOR OF BOSTON, And to Harvard University, 2-THE OTHER One from the Boston College Task force Who has an agenda for himself for the Allston Brighton community.He has a friend on the Allston Harvard Task force. and a law partner who is a City wide counclor for Boston. I would not "TRUST ANY OF THEM" I belevive it would be a conflict of intrest were most of them have some affilation to BOSTON CITY GOVERMENT, AND TO HARVARD UNIVERSITY.
    I think the CHARLESVIEW COMMUNITY WOULD NOT BE PROPPLEY REPRESENTED BY THE {IAG} AT ALL AND I THINK THAT STATE REP HONAN. REP MORAN, AND COUNCLOR COIMMO, AND TOLMAN SHOULD RECONSIDER THIS APPOINTMENT TO THE {IAG}I do not reamber anything going out as to signing up to be a memmber of this group if i did i would have put my name in for the IAG GROUP. jimmy....

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Ciommo does what the Mayor wants. He is in the Mayors back pocket. Once again the people of Allston and Brighton have been taken.
    John Thompson

  3. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Thanks for the info John.
    Thats why i did not vote for him.
    Regards jimmy....