Faust confirms Harvard's Allston slowdown, questions Houses

I believe that this is the first time Harvard has confirmed a slowdown in its Allston development. Until now we have only been told that plans are being reconsidered. If new dormitories ("houses") will not be built north of the stadium (shown in yellow) then there would seem to be no need to demolish the existing athletic facilities on that land and rebuild them to the south of the stadium (shown in green).

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Allston Funds May Be Diverted

“I’m sure that what we thought we might do in the next decade is going to take longer,” Faust said, adding that since her Nov. 10 letter about the impact of the financial crisis on Harvard, the University has been assessing a number of its plans.

“One of the things we’ll be looking at really hard is Houses,” she said, referring to the undergraduate Houses projected to be built in Allston. “Do we want them? And secondly can we afford them, and how many?”

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