Support a local non-profit

The end of the year is traditionally when non-profit organizations send fund-raising requests and people more about making contributions. This year as budgets are squeezed I'm sure that many worthy organizations will need our support more than ever to continue their efforts in 2009 and beyond.

The IRS online search tool finds an impressively long list of organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions that are based in Allston and Brighton. In the spirit of shopping locally, donating locally is another way to support our community.

There are too many for me to add links to all their websites, so I only did the ones that start with "A" whose websites were easy to find. To learn more, consider services like GuideStar where tax returns and other information can be found.

A Bridge of Roses
Abraham Dovek Memorial Foundation
Abundant Grace Church of Boston
Addiction Treatment Center of New England Inc.
Allston Brighton Comm Dev Corp
Allston Brighton Islamic Center
Allston Brighton Youth Hockey Inc.
Allston Village Main Streets Inc.
Allston-Brighton Area Planning Action Council Inc.
Allstonhop Inc.
American Buddhist Shim Gum Do Assoc Inc.
American Friends of Ohr Moshe Torat Moshe Inc.
Archives for Historical Documentation Inc.
B Haynes Consultants Services Inc.
Bad Habit Productions Incorporated
Black River Project Inc.
Bnai Brith Housing New England Inc.
Bnai Brith I & II Inc.
Bnai Brith III Inc.
Bnai Brith Senior Citizens Housing Corporation
Boston Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Fund
Boston Church for Mission Kmc
Boston Minstrel Company Charitable Tr
Boston Skating Club Inc.
Brazilian Immigrant Center Inc.
Brazilian Womens Group Inc.
Brighthelmstone Club Scholarship Fund
Brighton Main Streets Inc.
Brighton Marine Health Center Inc.
Btl Music Inc.
Care and Share USA Inc.
Caritas Christi Diagnostic Support Services Inc.
Caritas Medical Group Inc.
Center for Psychology and Social Change Inc.
Church of the Holy Resurrection
City Blessing Church Inc.
Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers Inc.
Commonwealth Tenants Association Inc.
Community Condominium Corporation
Community of Faith Christian Fellowship
Community of Faith International
Congregation Chai Odom
Conservation Food and Health Foundation Inc.
Conservatory Lab Charter School Foundation Inc.
Corrib Charity Fund Inc.
Creative Workplace Learning
Crittenton Womens Union Inc.
Crusaders of Fatima Inc.

David Gopen Foundation
Deaf-Blind Contact Center Inc.
Developmental Evaluation and Adjustment Facilities Inc.
Ellen M Gifford Sheltering Home Corporation
Excell Clinical Laboratories Inc.
Family and Community Solutions Inc.
Faye G and David G Stone Charitable Foundation
Females Center of Excellence and Leadership Incorporated
Fiberarts Center Inc. the
Fishing Academy Inc.
Five Star Third World & US Assist Inc.
Foundation for Managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease Inc.
Friends of Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly Inc.
Friends of Ringer Park
Friends of the Allston Library Inc.
Friends of the Boston Area Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Inc.
Friends of the Brighton Branch
G Greene Construction Company Foundation Inc.
Garage the Yba Network
Gin Te Buddhist Center Inc.
Granada House Inc. on the Health Campus
Graphic Change Inc.
Great Blue Hills Music Inc.
Greater Boston Association for Retarded Citizens,inc
Greater Boston Chinese Alliance Church
Greater Boston Youth Hockey League Inc.
Haitian Baptist Church of Allston- brighton
Hamilton Charitable Corporation
Helping Hands Simian Aids for the Disabled Incorporated
I Love Music Foundation Inc.
Impact Humanity A Non-Profit Corporation
Intrafraternal Community Development Corporation
Jack Breed Charitable Tr
Jackson Mann Community School Council Inc.
Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly II Inc.
Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly III Inc.
Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly Inc.
Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly IV Inc.
Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly Services Inc.
Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly VI Inc.
Joseph M Smith Community Health Center Inc.
Kabh Inc.
Katie Gibbons Foundation
Kollel of Greater Boston Inc.

Listen to the Lion Music Inc.
Lubavitch Shul of Brighton Inc.
Massachusetts Association for the Education of Young Children Inc.
Massachusetts Club of Russian Speaking Scientists Inc.
Massachusetts Millwrights Local Union 1121 Apprenticeship Fund
Mazal Institute Inc.
Mental Health Programs Inc.
Mental Health Programs Inc. - V
Mental Health Programs Inc. - X
Mental Health Programs Inc. III
Mental Health Programs Inc. IV
Mental Health Programs Inc. IX
Mental Health Programs Inc. -vi
Mental Health Programs Inc. VII
Mental Health Programs Inc. VIII
Mental Health Programs Inc-Xi
Mental Illness Education Project Inc.
Merwin Memorial Free Clinic for Animals Inc.
Mesivta of Greater Boston Inc.
Mhpi Inc.
Midas Collaborative Inc.
Modern Revolution Organization Inc.
National Tay Sachs & Allied Diseases Association Inc.
National Voting Rights Institute
New England Leather Alliance Inc.
New Life Center Fund Inc.
New Life Fellowship Baptist Church Inc.
Nigerian Islamic Society of Massachusetts
Northeast Division of the Gaelic Athletic Association
Pat White Tenants Task Force
Peoples Federal Savings Bank Foundation
Por Cristo Inc.
Precious Life Ministries Inc.
Presentation School Foundation Inc.
Residential Support Services Inc.
Rotenberg Foundation
Russian Community Association of Massachusetts Inc.
Saint Elizabeths Realty Corp
Scandinavian Collectors Club
Sephardic Community of Greater Boston
Shaloh School Oholei Torah
Skating Club of Boston
St. Columbkille Alumni Association Inc.
Tamu Samaaj Society of Boston A Nonprofit Corporation
Tenacity Inc.
The Center for Cinematography and Social Awareness Inc.
Tifereth Raphael Inc.
Uforatzto Center Inc.
Underdog Resq Inc.
Union Hill Project
Veronica B Smith Multi-Service Senior Center Inc.
Vip Lorenzoni Charitable Foundation Trust
Vocational Advancement Center Inc.
Wat Nawamintararachutis
West End House Camp Inc.
West End House Inc.
Wgbh Music Inc.
Women in Film & Video-New England Chapter Inc.
World Shim Gum Do Association Inc.
Yad Chaim Inc.

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  1. The best place foe Muslims in the area to do their 5 times daily prayers and Friday Prayers at 1.30 PM.