Harvard reconsidering Allston houses?

For the past few years it has been presented as a given that Harvard will eventually build new undergraduate dormitories (called "houses" at Harvard). So it is interesting to read that the President of Harvard, Dean of Harvard College, and Dean of Faculty of Arts and Science are:
"gathering input from Harvard students through discussion groups and surveys, are hearing from faculty, especially House masters, and will solicit input from our alumni and alumnae in the weeks and months to come"
and asking significant questions including "Should new Houses be built in Allston?"

The premise that Harvard has already decided to build new houses in Allston affects multiple aspects of the Harvard master plan. Harvard planners chosen location for new houses would be north of the football stadium which requires the existing hockey arena, basketball arena, and swimming pool to be relocated to elsewhere in Allston.

So if Harvard really isn't sure about building "houses" in Allston it puts a pretty big wildcard into the whole planning process.

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