"Amenity rich" needs a school

The BRA talked more about the housing for the Holton St Corridor last night, and told us that the goal was to create an "amenity rich" neighborhood. There has been a lot of talk about new parks and some discussion about new retail along Western Ave, but many residents last night talked about a key amenity that is currently missing from the BRA's plan and stressed that a K-8 is a top priority to attract families and long-term residents and create a more stable community.

Our neighborhood is fortunate to have a great school in the Gardner Pilot Academy, but that ends at 5th grade and I know families who consider leaving the neighborhood in favor of a neighborhood where their kids can have more continuity in their education. The 700 units of new housing proposed last night means approximately 2000 new neighbors and something like 200 new kids. Even for the existing K-5 population the Gardner is already bursting at the seams.

If we are going to build all this great new housing we need to have a compelling answer to prospective homebuyers and renters who will ask "Where will my kids go to school"?

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