The "quiet crisis" at Harvard for President Faust

A long look at Harvard's president and Harvard's financial straits in Boston Magazine: Drew Gilpin Faust and the Incredibly Shrinking Harvard. Here's the main Allston section...
"Then, of course, there was the hugely ambitious plan, driven largely by Summers, to develop a second campus across the Charles, in Allston. The land purchases and the planning cost millions and millions; the actual construction of the 350 acres of new housing, laboratories, museums, parks, and athletic facilities would cost billions and billions. Just the projected maintenance for the first building under construction, a $1 billion new home for the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, has been said to be $100 million a year. This February, Faust announced that the university would finish the basement, then stop work on the project. She has said the halt is temporary, but few are convinced. Allston residents worry that their neighborhood will be left with a massive hole in the ground."


  1. I don't understand why Harvard is allowed to get away with all this. I mean, I know it's because it's Harvard, but come on, there must be a limit.

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