Good morning rat

A neighbor asked me yesterday why so many newspaper stories mention the rats of Allston. Apparently there aren't many of them where she lives, but I told her that there is no shortage of them in other parts of the neighborhood.

For example, here's a furry little critter I saw on my neighbor's front steps this morning at 8:35 while walking my dog. Twenty five minutes later it was still there sitting there on the same step.

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  1. This is very upsetting. Rats were one of my main reasons for leaving the North End. The exterminator I hired for our building there said that since rats are nocturnal, if you see one in the day it's a sign of severe overpopulation -- something about them having to forage in off hours.

    If you want to give yourself nightmares, Chris Wright's article on rats in 2002's Phoenix is an incredibly comprehensive account of the way of the rat and the city's efforts to eradicate the problem ("Rats in Paradise"). It's interesting to note that when the Big Dig was going on an enormous effort was made to keep the rat population under control, and, as a result, we never saw rats in the North End until the construction ended. And that's in an environment ideally suited to rats -- lots of food, plenty of places to hide, right near the waterfront, etc.