ABNNF / CityRoots story in the TAB

A nice story in the TAB about our project at the Gardner School. Our next work day is July 25 from 9 to 1. Please join us - the more the merrier!

Allston/Brighton neighbors transform asphalt into green playground - Allston/Brighton TAB


  1. Harry, I couldn't make the weeding last night, but I drove past on my way to work this morning and must say WELL DONE!!! But someone pulled the stake with the sign about more weeding and chucked it on the sidewalk. :(
    Normally I have a Saturday morning commitement, but I'll skip it to help out w/weeding phase II.

  2. Thanks for noticing and commenting on it! Too bad about the sign and stake. It was hammered into the ground hard enough that it certainly wasn't going to blow away, but it is tough to deter a determined vandal.