North Harvard St roadwork starts next week

After so many years of driving and biking on a god-awful North Harvard Street, it is wonderful that it is finally going to be repaved between Western Ave and the river. The work will be done from July 13-25, so you might want to seek alternate routes during this time.

In 2010, as part of a Boston Water and Sewer project, the southern half of North Harvard St (Western Ave to Cambridge St) will also be re-paved.

Smooth sailing ahead!

Get ready for street paving in Allston - Allston/Brighton TAB


  1. wow - were visiting in May after a 5 year absence and I noted the pavement looked exactly the same as it was when we lived there (1998-99).

    thanks Harry, this is a great site. we still own our house on Holman St. so we have a vested interest in seeing the community prosper.

  2. Now that the paving and line painting is done, I am really questioning the parking space removal. And there is zero enforcement of parking now, making biking even more dangerous than before. This is totally unacceptable and we need to speak up, this is only going to push people to park on neighborhood streets and make life worse for residents. See my pictures I just posted here:

  3. Hopefully the lack of enforcement is because the roadwork is not complete. But you are right that this week the smooth road has been great but the cars all over the bike lanes has been regrettable.