Tough choices at Harvard - One scoop or two?

The Associated Press interviewed Harvard President Drew Faust last week and the Pulitzer Prize nominated Civil War historian likens Harvard to an ice cream truck running low on inventory:

"We can't have chocolate and vanilla and strawberry. We have to decide which one"

Seems to me that the flavor they are serving in Allston is Rocky Road.

Regarding Allston:

She cited her decision earlier this year to save money by pausing construction of a new $1.2 billion science building, the first phase of a planned 50-year expansion into Boston's Allston neighborhood across the Charles River from Cambridge. The university is now reviewing how much — if any — of the project to continue.

"It's a very fraught question. It involves the city, it involves the community, it involves constituencies with totally different interests," she said. When the decision is made, she said, "I think that people will feel that we've really thought it through in a considered and responsible way. Moreover, I will know that we will have thought it through."

Faust talks a lot about her listening skills, but Harvard doesn't seem to listen when Allston and Brighton residents talk about the most important and timely Harvard topic - the creation of a safe, stable, and economically integrated Charlesview in Brighton Mills.

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