Upcoming zoning hearings

168 Allston Street - Change the legal occupancy from six apartments to seven apartments.

167-183 Chestnut Hill Avenue - Change the legal occupancy from Laundromat, restaurant,cleaning service, deli store to Laundromat, restaurant, cleaning service, deli store and food prep for catering business

29 Denby Road - Change the legal occupancy from offices services and storage to offices service, storage and adult education center.

39 Pratt Street - The petitioner seeks an Interpretation that the Inspectional Services Department should dismiss the violation of the State Building Code 780 CMR 1181.1 sixth edition. Violation#V000728-2009 for unsafe maintenance: Front stairs are crumbling, smoke detectors are disarmed in various locations; carbon monoxide detectors on first and floor do not work etc. Also, Violations #V000729-2009. Failure to secure a permit to change the occupancy from a two-family dwelling to a lodging house.


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