Do PILOT & Allston/Brighton negotiations conflict?

This story doesn't mention Harvard, but obviously if the Mayor and City Council are negotiating with Harvard and other non-profits about PILOT payments, I wonder how this impacts the negotiating that many of us think the Mayor and City Council should be doing with Harvard to allow more land in the Holton St Corridor to be developed for Charlesview and other developments.

More PILOT money is of course good for the entire City, while ending Harvard's landbanking would be good for Allston and Brighton. So when the Mayor's people and Harvard's people are discussing these issues, which one comes first?

Murphy says PILOT deal is on its way Jamaica Plain Gazette
"But the government and institutions are negotiating well now, Murphy said, describing positive progress. Because the city cannot legally require any PILOT deals, the agreement will rely on goodwill and political pressure. "

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