Help get a vote on Mayoral term limits

While Sam Yoon only has a few weeks left on the City Council it is nice to see him continuing to work on issues that are important to him and the city.

In the past I was no fan of term limits, but since then I have come around to support them because the power of incumbency is too strong and too intimidating to many potential candidates. Let good people serve a couple terms and then open the way for new people and new ideas. If we could really get to the root of the issues that create such an imbalance between incumbents and challengers I would support that instead, but in the meantime I think term limits are the best and most feasible option that we have.

A bill to limit Boston mayors to two four-year terms is before the City Council's Government Operations Committee, but it isn't clear if or when Dorchester City Councilor Maureen Feeney who chairs that committee will bring the bill to the full council for a vote.

Please contact Councilor Feeney at (617) 635-3455 or and ask her to bring this bill to a vote by the full council.

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  1. Is Yoon planning to impose term limits on the Council?