Pagliuca has "momentum" to move Allston forward

Suffolk University and the Boston Herald sponsored a debate this morning between the four candidates for US Senate. For their closing statements, they were asked what they will do if not elected to the Senate.

Steve Pagliuca, at 62:55 in the linked video, says he will work to build a $3 billion complex on Harvard property in Allston. He says he has momentum from businesses to help fund it and momentum from universities to be part of it. Considering that the Science Complex Harvard started building was a $1B project, he certainly is setting his sights high.

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  1. Ambitious. Of course he's not coming to the debate at BC Law tonight after all. Too busy making phone calls? From the organizer:

    About an hour ago, Mr. Steve Pagliuca's campaign sent me an email with the following message: "Unfortunately Mr. Pagliuca will not be able to participate in the forum tomorrow evening. Thank you for the invitation and best of luck."