Video of Harvard & Allston on WGBH's Greater Boston

Thanks to Emily Rooney and the Greater Boston team for this great show!


  1. Emily does not spend enough time on a topic. Galvin did not appear to be sympathetic to the peole of Allston.

  2. Hi I'm in a real estate development course through Harvard extension school. Would love to chat! I have some questions about the Allston community and would like to get your perspective about the developing of the area. My e-mail address is

    I look forward to connecting


  3. I had to leave before I finished my post. Harry was well prepared and did a very good job. Paul Berkely sounded like he was more intersted in keeping his city job than helping the people of Allston.

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Kevin was infuriating. He sang the same song: "we are discussing use of properties with thw Allston task Force and Allston Civic Association". Not true. And I agree the library is great but I think tbat is really the only good thing he can point to. The park when it happens is not becuase they are great but becuase it was a condition to get the Science Project approved.

  5. I agree - Kevin was infurating, and I was surprised that his tone was just as arrogant as it has been in meetings, and I'm glad that he presented himself to the audience that way.
    As far as Emily Rooney not spending enough time on a topic goes, there's just not enough room in a segment of a half-hour show to satisfy the complexities of what's happening here. It probably has more to do with her wanting to cover as much ground as possible and not get stuck on one particular facit of the problem. It would be great if there were a way to compel someone to devote a much greater time chunk to the issue, though it would have to be via documentary and not associated with a regular program.