Harvard rips it up & to replace it as a community benefit

One of Harvard's 6 proposed public realm community benefit projects is new streetscape along Holton Street across from the Star Market loading dock.

Recently I noticed that all the plantings on Harvard property in this area have been very recently torn out. Here are some before and after photos showing all the bushes and perennials that used to be in front of the avFx business...

Google Street view
Google Street view
I always thought those plantings were just fine. Maybe there was space to add a couple more hosta, but I certainly don't think there was anything wrong with it.

Well, someone at Harvard must have had a problem with how that looked. All those plants have been torn out and it seems to have happened very recently. Now Harvard is proposing to plant new plants to replace the ones that were removed. And Harvard thinks this should be one of our 6 public realm benefits during the next 10 years.


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