Update: Harvard is already "improving" the 100 Holton St streetscape

I recently posted this photo from 96 Holton Street (across from the Star Market loading dock) where Harvard proposes to make one of its 6 public realm community benefits. I wondered why the fine-looking plants that used to be here were removed.

So I was surprised when I just went by the same site. It looks like it was all replanted yesterday. It is a peculiar definition of community benefits to include landscaping on Harvard property to improve the appearance of its own commercial properties. And it is strange to start implementing these benefits so immediately after proposing them without waiting for any feedback on the proposal.


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    or perhaps they were just touching up some landscaping as they do on many of their properties on a fairly regular basis...

  2. Perhaps, but what was wrong with the landscaping that was there last week, and will this new landscaping get ripped up in a year or two if they implement their proposed community benefit?

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    mabye they needed to move dirt from a construction area into that space. harvard likes to do that!

  4. Harry;
    The work is being done by the Watch the Birdie Landscaping Co.. They get hired to keep you from seeing what they are doing in the IMP area.

    Excellent job by you and Paola tonight, very provocative food for thought

  5. Anonymous11:37 AM

    It's an improvement -- whether to Harvard's commercial properties or not, it's an improvement.

    Thank you, Harvard.