Harvard's bike map is wrong

Harvard's IMP has this map on page 183 showing "Planned Transportation Improvements". As someone who lives near Lincoln Street, bicycles frequently, and remembers when a cyclist was killed at the intersection of Lincoln & Franklin, I was very pleased to see these "BTD Bike Plan Elements" that I have highlighted in this image from Harvard's IMP.

Too bad Harvard's map is not true. BTD has no plans to improve these roads.

I asked the BRA and Boston Transportation Department what these "BTD Bike Plan Elements" were for Lincoln Street and Litchfield Street. I got a copy of the City's 5 year and 30 year bike plans as shown below. Neither one shows BTD doing anything on Lincoln Street or Litchfield Street like Harvard says.
Boston 5-year bike plan

Boston 30-year bike plan
It is also too bad that Everett Street is in the 30-year plan but not the 5-year plan.


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    why aren't the bikees chiming in on this.
    do they know that big plans are on the drawing board for their grandchildren

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    harvard's elements of pure fantasy shouldn't be allowed in the IMP. there should be some kind of measurable, accountability in this process and there is not. you would think the BRA would have figured this out and asked Harvard for clarification but clearly the BRA despite its ginormous budget does not have an interest in any kind of stewardship for the community.

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    people should know that the world of urban design is much the same as the world of affordable housing development which is incestuous cronyism that leads to not what you know but who you know. the paths run between and among academia, connected developers, elected officials and governmental planning agencies and if you aren't in you are out.
    Some of these characters bounce around from place to place at a good days pay as long as they toe the mark.