The disappearing Petco trees

Anyone else curious why Harvard ripped out these perfectly nice looking trees on Everett Street behind Petco?
Before (from Google Street View)
And replaced them with these new trees and planters?

There's nothing wrong with the new landscaping, but it seems like an unusual priority considering the previous condition of the area which seemed just fine.


  1. Maybe their foundation wasn't damp enough. Nothing like piling some dirt against it to solve that problem.

  2. Harry:
    The University and the neighborhood should have a landscape design committee that works together otherwise we end up with only their aesthetic which is rooted in the monochromania of drab 17th century puritanism and boringness or wannabe efforts such as Spangler to create their own Versailles

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Paul, you really need to say what you mean. LOL!! I think that maybe Harvard was ahead of thecurve this time. In stead of letting the trees die and not replacing them, i.e. Western Avenue, they decided to take them out now before anything happened to them. They should have used them to replace the ones on Western Avenue. Now that would have been Yankee thinking.

  4. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I think its a nifty trick to dispose of unwanted dirt from Harvard's construction areas. Look around an you'll see lots of these similar areas flanking recent construction arenas and all with the same relative design and all in Harvard related properties.

  5. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I agree with the previous "Anonymous". Another place they put planters was in the middle of the Star Market parking lot. I wouldn't be surprised if Travis St dirt made its way into those planters.