More from Harvard about its Allston timeline

I wonder if the Harvard Allston Work Team's upcoming report will confirm this or not.

Without Allston, Cramped in Cambridge | News | Commencement 2011 | The Harvard Crimson
"But with administrators projecting a minimum wait of ten years before laboratories can move to Allston, faculty and students may have to get used to the crunch."

Kendall Sq plan - maybe not perfect but at least MIT is trying

So Paul McMorrow would like to see more integration of office, retail, and housing in MIT's plans to remake Kendall Square into a great place to work, live, and play with 100,000 square feet of new retail development, 1 million square feet of office and academic space, and 120,000 square feet of new residences.

At least MIT is trying, which is more than we can say about Harvard's lack of plans and non-existent vision for the Science Complex Foundation, the Charlesview site that will be abandoned in a few years, and much of the rest of its vast property holdings on Western Ave, North Harvard Street, Holton Street, and more.

Maybe Faust's Allston Work Team will amaze us with their upcoming report and match the initiative of their Cambridge neighbor, but does anyone really expect that?

A new face for Kendall Square - The Boston Globe

New Provost Faces Challenges in Allston

The Crimson takes a broad look at Harvard's presence in Allston in the past and future. - New Provost Faces Challenges in Allston | News | Commencement 2011 | The Harvard Crimson

This quote is the most specific prediction I recall seeing from Harvard about its future in Allston. Doesn't sound like he expects anything imminent, does he?
[Outgoing Provost] Hyman says that he is “quite hopeful” that there will be “active Harvard academic programs” in Allston in the next ten to fifteen years

Residents: Harvard ignores us on Allston campus plans

Its not about the process (whether or not Harvard is open and inclusive in its planning). It is about results - and Harvard's lack of progress in Allston and suggestion that we should be satisfied with nicer sidewalks that it is the real problem.
Residents: Harvard ignores us on Allston campus plans -

Upcoming zoning hearings

Comm Ave
Seattle St
Quint Ave

The BRA & Harvard have an Allston plan - Nicer Sidewalks

It is amazing how little Harvard and the BRA think might happen in the next 5 years on Harvard's massive property holdings in Allston and Brighton. This Crimson story sums it up pretty well - no new development but nicer sidewalks and "buffers" (trees, fences) between the sidewalk and parking lots on Western Ave.

As Short Term Planning Proceeds Allston Residents Ask for Clarity on Long Term Vision | The Harvard Crimson

MBTA Route 66 meeting - June 6

Key Bus Route Improvement Program

Monday, June 6
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Honan-Allston Branch Library
300 North Harvard Street, Boston

Everett Street Slope flower picking & cleanup, Saturday 10-12

Everett Street is in bloom on the slope between Lincoln and Adamson Streets! Since ABNNF adopted the site in 2008 it has become much greener and more beautiful as you can see in the photos below.

Tomorrow (Saturday) from 10-12 we will be doing some spring cleanup, spreading mulch, and helping it look even better. There is also a ton of phlox in bloom and other flowers that you are welcome to bring home. And if your kids like dandelion flowers and blowing seeds as much as mine do, there is no shortage of fun for them there. Hope you can join us!

P.S. A huge thank you to Mahoney's Garden Center for subsidizing the mulch for the site and all their ongoing support. The newly expanded Mahoney's is an oasis on Western Ave and please consider shopping their for your gardening needs.

Gardner Pilot Academy to expand from K-5 to K-8!

This great news was announced this afternoon at a meeting with BPS leadership. Starting in the 2012-13 school year, the school will add 6th grade, the year after that 7th grade, and the year after 8th.

Thanks to the Boston School Dept, our elected officials, and the entire GPA community for supporting this initiative!

Great Turnout at Speedway Charrette

It was great to see dozens of neighbors and others at the Speedway on Western Ave and then at the library for a discussion about the future of the site. Historic Boston is starting a feasibility study of the site, after which a lot more will be known about the programmatic possibilities and financial realities.

While the buildings do have a quirky, unique charm, it is hard to see what type of renovation would make sense. Whether the buildings need $2 million or $10 million of renovation we will learn from the results of the study, but it will no doubt take a lot more than just a coat of paint and new shingles to make them habitable.

On May 10 at 5:45 at City Hall, the Boston Landmarks Commission will consider official designation of the site as a "Boston Landmark". The commission's study report is available here.

New Harvard employee puts the emphasis on Harvard

Not a surprise that the focus is internal, not external

Harvard Taps Gordon Jones as Director of Innovation Lab | News | The Harvard Crimson
"University officials have in the past said that the Innovation Lab would serve as a resource to the Allston community. In a recent interview, Jones emphasized how the lab would benefit the University and said that as director he will ensure that the Innovation Lab will be particularly focused on students."