A/B Elected Officials comment on Harvard's $100M Tata Hall

Nice to see them continuing to speak up about Harvard's lack of progress in the Holton Street Corridor.


Charlesview residents who would rather stay put

Harvard, the BRA, and the Charlesview Board spent years claiming how the residents of Charlesview were so desperate to leave their crumbling, decaying homes to move to new buildings. So how was the Crimson able to find Charlesview residents who either don't want to move or "just don't care"?

As Relocation Moves Forward, Charlesview Residents Remain Divided | News | The Harvard Crimson

Nancy T. Thach, who has lived at Charlesview for two years, was less optimistic about the land swap.

“A lot of people don’t want to move because they thought the rent might go up. I don’t want to move again," she said. "Where I have to live now, it’s fine with me."

Malena Som, who has been a resident of the Charlesview for five years, said she believes many residents are apathetic to the process.

“It’s frustrating because of the fact that we have to move to a different location—but it’s literally right there,” she said, pointing to the site less than a half mile down Western Avenue where the Charlesview will soon be located. “We have no idea what’s going on, we just know that we’re moving sometime. I think [the residents] just don’t care. They’re just curious as to… if it’s going to end up smoothly or not.”

Globe to Harvard: Get going in Allston


"But Harvard, which remains the wealthiest university in the world, still won’t commit to a speedy resumption of work on the science building, the linchpin of its expansion in Allston.

But for this south-of-the-Charles version of Kendall Square to bear fruit, the university needs to nail down first who will be occupying the new science building. If Harvard doesn’t move quickly and decisively, it’s optimistic to think private developers will."

Who needs another Kendall Sq?

Paul McMorrow wonders if the Boston/Cambridge area has enough demand for another Kendall Square like the one that Harvard has proposed for Allston.