Annual Fair @ Hill Memorial Baptist Church

Annual Church Fair Hill Memorial Baptist Church 279 N Harvard Street (across from Honan Library) Saturday, Sept 28 10am - 2pm Food, knife sharpening, lots to do for kids and people of all ages

Harvard Secures Donor for Campus Center - "Holyoke Center" coming to Allston?

Harvard now has a sizable portion of the money it will need to convert Holyoke Center from Harvard offices to a student campus center. Where will all those office workers go to make room for the student center?

Harvard Administration Secures Donor for Campus Center | News | The Harvard Crimson:

"The Harvard administration has secured a donor for a campus center and will soon begin planning for its development, University President Drew G. Faust told The Crimson earlier this week... She also said at the time that it would likely be built in Holyoke Center and contain a variety of spaces designed for everything from parties to lectures and studying."

Histortic Boston and Peregrine Group Team Up for the Historic Charles River Speedway Headquarters

Inside Historic Boston Inc.: Once More to the Races: HBI and Peregrine Group Team Up for the Historic Charles River Speedway Headquarters:

Earlier this summer, the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR) Historic Curatorship Program put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the historic Charles River Speedway HeadquartersBuilding in the Allston/Brighton neighborhood of Boston. The Headquarters building, built in 1899 is all that remains of the Charles River Speedway. The Speedway consisted of a mile long race course for horse cart, or “sulky racing” as well as a course for bike racing. It was developed in the wake of increased automobile traffic on other main roads like Cambridge and Beacon, which had left little room for recreational vehicles. Until the 1960’s, the Speedway stretched all the way to the Harvard Football Stadium. After that time, with no more Speedway to look after, the Headquarters building fell into disrepair. However, it is a beautiful building, with a great story and a layout that offers many options for redevelopment. With this in mind, HBI just finished a submission for consideration by DCR.

Benefits for Allston | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson

Benefits for Allston | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson
"While education and entertainment are important, residents dealing with business closures, construction sites, and a rapidly changing neighborhood demographics deserve benefits related to housing, employment, and transportation....However, it would be a shame if Harvard simply used these millions to construct resources that were useful only to Harvard affiliates."