Harvard-Allston Task Force Raises Concerns About Community Benefits Conversation

Gerald Autler, senior project manager at the Boston Redevelopment Authority, said on Monday that the task force would have a 60-day period to provide feedback on the master plan [that Harvard will file in July]. But task force member and Allston resident Bruce E. Houghton railed against Harvard and the BRA for expecting the task force to identify the benefits they want included in the plan in what he described as an unreasonably short period of time.
“What is expected of this community and what’s being placed on it...is inappropriate and impossible,” Houghton said. “What’s truly inappropriate is the fact that there’s an expectation on behalf of BRA that this community should put into place in four months a community benefit package that might last as long as 10 years.”

Send your input to the City of Boston for its Open Space Plan 2015-2021

Public Input | City of Boston

The City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department is reaching out to the public and to users of the parks, playgrounds, and other open spaces in the city, whether or not you reside in Boston, to learn about how they use open space in Boston and how we can improve their experience.


Impending A/B North Development & Transportation

There's a lot coming our way in the next several years. What did I miss? What are your thoughts on these projects?

Harvard Jams Western Ave

11:00 on Saturday morning and Western Ave is jammed in both directions from North Harvard Street to the Western Ave Bridge. Way too many cars per minute are trying to enter the Harvard Business School parking lot.

State plans 2-year, $10m project to rebuild Cambridge Street bridge over I-90 in Allston - Allston Brighton - Your Town - Boston.com

State plans 2-year, $10m project to rebuild Cambridge Street bridge over I-90 in Allston - Allston Brighton - Your Town - Boston.com:

Construction is expected to begin this fall, though the exact timeline has not been finalized

Once complete, the bridge will include a 10-foot-wide sidewalk on one side, nine-foot-wide sidewalk on the other side and six-foot-wide bike lanes abutting each sidewalk, officials said.
Between the bike and traffic lanes will be a three-foot-wide buffer. Each of the four total traffic lanes will be 11 feet wide. A six-foot-wide median will divide the bridge’s travel lanes.