Boston Startup School leaving Allston & Harvard's Innovation Lab

Boston Startup School moving to Communispace HQ on Boston waterfront - Boston Business Journal:
"Seeking to be closer to startup hubs in Boston's Innovation District and Leather District, the Boston Startup School is moving this week from the Harvard Innovation Lab in Allston into the headquarters of Communispace at Atlantic Wharf in Boston,"

Harvard's 2008 promises coming due - Part 1, Shuttle Bus access

Harvard recently submitted a notification form for a new 10 year Master Plan in Allston. This makes it a good time to remember the promises that Harvard made in 2008 in the Science Complex Cooperation Agreement.

This concept of community access to the Harvard shuttle wasn't new in the 2008 Cooperation Agreement. It goes back at least to 2005 and this section on page 49 of the North Allston Strategic Framework for Planning.

New Balance expands Brighton real estate empire

Adding to the New Balance - "In separate deals within the past month, company affiliates paid $3.8 million for a North Beacon Street building that’s home to the Vocational Advancement Center and $5 million for the Grossman’s Bargain Outlet site next door."

Fern Square looking great!

Thanks to the neighbors, Mahoney's Garden Center, and the New England Grassroots Environment Fund for helping improve Collins Square (at the intersection of Holton & Franklin Streets). The new border, new plants, and improvements to the path are great, and the plants will look even better next spring!

CSX Departure Moves Closer - How will Harvard respond?

As CSX gets closer to moving its trains and operations out of Allston, the question looms regarding what Harvard will do with the land. Will Harvard let it sit empty for years like it has with the Sears slab between Windom and Cambridge Streets?

Harvard spent $75 million to buy the 91-acre CSX property back in 2003. For years we heard that Harvard couldn't touch the land because of the permanent rail easements. But when CSX is gone what will come next?

State Closes CSX Deal, Expands 'T' Service |
"The Worcester facility is part of CSX's plan to move operations from Allston to Westborough and Worcester by the end of the year...
CSX expects to begin moving bulk commodity operations from Allston to Westborough soon and the intermodal freight to Worcester later this year."

Harvard grows its Allston team - adds Tufts Vice Provost Newell

Vice Provost Newell to assume new position at Harvard - Tufts Daily - Tufts University
“Initially, my first early responsibilities will relate to the Allston building; they’re building a new campus in Allston,” she said. “I’ll be involved in the planning for the Allston campus and also helping them to assure that academic priorities at Harvard help to drive their fundraising objectives.”