Bicycling Magazine - Worst cities

Bicycling Magazine - Urban Treasures: "This is the third time Boston has made our 'worst' list since 1999, and it does so for the same reasons as before: lousy roads, scarce and unconnected bike lanes and bike-friendly gestures from City Hall that go nowhere-such as hiring a bike coordinator in 2001, only to cut the position two years later. We know Boston has the potential to be a two-wheeled haven (see neighboring Cambridge). And recent events give us hope: the newly formed Livable Streets Alliance, an advocacy group patterned after successful organizations in Chicago and New York; the under-construction $2-million South Bay Harbor trail that will connect several bike paths in the heart of downtown; and last fall's mayor-sponsored Hub on Wheels, a festival with 700 cyclists, including mayor Thomas Menino showing off his newfound velo dedication."

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