New affordable housing project

AB launches new affordable housing project - News
Reacting to an influx of Boston University students renting off-campus apartments in areas surrounding BU, the Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation commissioned a series of renovations on Glenville Avenue designed to provide additional housing for low-income residents forced to compete with college students.

The ABCDC is currently remodeling apartment buildings at 48-52 Glenville Ave. which will be rented out to families who make less than $23,832 -- sixty percent of the annual median income in the Boston area, according to John Woods, director of housing development for the ABCDC. Woods said the group will also be constructing units for families who make as little as $5,958, 15 percent of the annual median income.

BU administrators are aware of this increase and plan to construct a second Student Village dormitory, scheduled for completion by Fall 2008, to house an additional 900 undergraduate students, said Marc Robillard, director of housing at BU.

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