Drivers help steer road work

Drivers help steer road work - The Boston Globe: "Options include eliminating the decaying 55-year-old tunnel and converting the Back Bay portion of Storrow Drive into a surface road, or rebuilding the old tunnel and adding a second one.
One option also includes the temporary rerouting of traffic onto the Esplanade during the duration of the construction, which a DCR spokeswoman said was still on the table despite public opposition. No matter the option chosen, it's another traffic hassle headed Boston's way. And the surveys are a paper reminder of what's to come.
''I'm in complete panic that, after surviving the Big Dig and all its headaches for my north-of-the-city commute, this will be the next traffic nightmare,' Stacey Symes Tardif, who commutes from Methuen to Allston via Storrow Drive, said in an e-mail. ''In all honesty, this may be the final push for me to find a job that is either T accessible or closer to home.'"

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