Tight Hub budget keeps cop ranks thin

Tight Hub budget keeps cop ranks thin
Mayor Thomas M. Menino blamed soaring health and utility costs for hemming in his proposed budget next year, which calls for modest increases in school and police spending.
Overall city spending would jump $87.9 million, or 4.3 percent more than this year’s budget. But increases in state aid and $10 million more in lottery money are largely gobbled up by a $23 million increase in health insurance, and rising utility and personnel costs.
Menino said there were no “fancy programs” in his spending plan, which heads to the City Council for approval. He promised to use new technologies like expanding GPS use in snowplows and street cleaners and install new accountability standards. New positions are being created for a citywide director of recreation, chief information officer and a chief of the soon-to-be-merged Transportation and Public Works departments.

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