Boston's lowest primary turnout was here in Allston/Brighton

Primary brought highest turnout since 1990 - The Boston Globe: "South Boston has long been one of the city's highest-turnout neighborhoods, but in Tuesday's election, wards 6 and 7, which make up the neighborhood, ranked eighth and ninth out of 22 wards in the city with about 36 percent of registered voters casting ballots. There was higher turnout in Dorchester's Ward 17, with 39 percent, Roxbury's Ward 12, with 40.3 percent, and Jamaica Plain's Ward 19, where 45.3 percent of registered voters cast ballots. That was the highest percentage in the city. The lowest turnout was in Allston and Brighton, with about 23 percent"
I think we need to solve this problem if we want to solve many of the other problems we face in this neighborhood.

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