McDermott - "Chavez overstepped it"

"I've had some calls, even to my house, from Red Sox Nation. I said to one of my good friends who is a season ticket holder, 'When you are down on the Red Sox and they are not having a good year, and your mad at the coach, the skipper of the team, do you start rooting for the Yankees? Of course not!' So I know as a Democrat there are a lot people dissapointed with the president or some of his policies. But you don't start rooting against our country. And I think this guy Chavez overstepped it when he called George Bush the devil on our soil in New York." - Councilor McDermott on the CBS4 News

"I’m a Boston guy – born in 1967, the year the Sox won the Pennant," McDermott told WBZ Radio. "And it used to mean something different to me. But, symbols are powerful things, and right now when I see that CITGO symbol, the only thing it symbolizes for me, is a dictator that means to hurt our economy and hurt our way of life."

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