The Greening of Downtown Atlanta

The Greening of Downtown Atlanta - New York Times: "The city and a host of nonprofit groups have begun what urban planners say is a singularly ambitious municipal undertaking, transforming the railroad right-of-way into a 22-mile loop for hikers and bikers; a mass transit route; and a green corridor that strings together many of the city's parks and serves as a framework for new ones

Already the city has spent $40 million to acquire one of the parcels of land he identified: a stunning 137-acre quarry that will be, when additional land is added, the city’s largest park.

The $2.8 billion Beltline began life humbly, as a thesis project for Ryan Gravel, a graduate student in architecture and urban planning at the Georgia Institute of Technology. That was seven years ago.

But it has taken on a life of its own, exhibiting a rare power to capture the imagination of diverse interest groups, from cyclists to powerful developers

“It’s very important that cities and communities go for a big vision,” Peter Calthorpe, an urban planner based in San Francisco, said in a telephone interview. “Cities need these bold moves and elements to make them exciting places to live."

It is inspiring to learn about this wonderful project similar to what many people in Allston and Brighton are thinking about. What will be our big vision and bold move?

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