Globe publishes letter in response to last week's Harvard-Allston story

Here is the letter in today's Globe from Jon Holmes:

YOU QUOTED Thomas Lentz, director of Harvard University Art Museums, describing my neighborhood as "Western Siberia" ("Harvard: New museum site is a better location, costs less," Style & Arts, Dec. 28).

True, we are a wasteland of Harvard's creation. For decades, using straw companies and individuals, Harvard has snapped up homes and businesses, having left them empty to decay so that their distressed abutters become new opportunities for acquisition. Real people lose their homes and jobs, but the institution prospers, and that's what they teach at the Business School.

My neighbors are not complainers. We desperately need to see Harvard succeed here and want only to be treated with respect and the honesty expected by a person in a Veritas tie.

If Mayor Menino wants a "legacy," as you so often write, he should seek it on the campus of Harvard and the streets of Allston. Far better than another ugly skyscraper with someone else's name, eternal honor will belong to the one who negotiates the success of the new Harvard Square.

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