Is Harvard thinking generously about its plans for Allston?

Here is a what a major Harvard arts benefactor said when Harvard was planning a new art museum for Cambridge a few years ago. That project was not built due to community opposition, but I think the sentiment is just as applicable here in Allston.

"If a museum of modern art is built on that site, I hope that Harvard will think big and generously about it. Let the museum have breathing room. When the Fogg was opened in 1895, a blueprint existed that showed how it might one day expand onto the adjoining site, where the Carpenter Center went up instead in 1963. The Fogg has suffered from being hemmed in by the Carpenter Center. I would be terribly disappointed if that happened at the river site. The Sackler and the Busch-Reisinger Museum in Werner Otto Hall are not what they ought to be, and even when new they weren't. Let's not do something typical of so many Harvard projects and make a building that isn't what it ought to be."

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