Harvard unveils its vision of campus across Charles - The Boston Globe

Harvard unveils its vision of campus across Charles - The Boston Globe

Excerpts from Globe story:

"The compatibility issue is really the main problem," said Ray Mellone, chairman of the Allston community task force on the Harvard expansion, referring to fears that traffic and bustle would invade the neighborhood.

The university will also need approval from the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, which manages the land along the river, and from the state Historical Commission to put Soldier's Field Road underground and for other construction along the Charles River.

Secretary of State William F. Galvin, who chairs the Historical Commission, said the university's plans to submerge the roadway and build a pedestrian bridge over the Charles appear mainly to benefit the university and not members of the community.

"Clearly, the university is treating the river like some moat that they own," Galvin said. "It is not theirs, and it will be protected."

"We're not presuming we can do all this," said Christopher M. Gordon, chief operating officer for Harvard's Allston Development Group, which is managing the expansion. "We want to make sure we work with everybody."

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  1. The DCR should also consider changing the remaining above-ground portions of Soldiers Field Road from limited access to a boulevard with traffic lights and crosswalks. This would make the parklands along the river much more accessible.