Interview with Harvard-Allston Chief Chris Gordon

A Harvard publication "The Resource" recently interviewed Chris Gordon, the COO of the Harvard Allston Development Group. You can download the interview here. It describes the process that I wish we were in but it doesn't sound much like the process we have been going through for the last year -

"The last thing you want to do is develop one-off projects every couple of
years and not understand the big picture. If you do it that way, you can’t look
at cumulative effects, like traffic, the impact on utilities, etc."

"[The new IMP is] going to talk about the community – we want to work
with the community so there’s not a bright line between the community and the campus."

""Everybody I meet with, from staff members up to the president, has said,
“You know, we’ll only do this once. We’re only going to build the campus once.
Let’s think about this.” People are watching what Harvard does to make sure we
do it right and that’s good."

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