Charlesview & Havard sign purchase and sale agreement

From Harvard's Allston Development Group:

Charlesview Inc., the non-profit owner of Charlesview Apartments in Allston, and Harvard University have signed a purchase and sale agreement for the Charlesview property at the intersection of North Harvard Street and Western Avenue. When this transaction is completed, it will enable Charlesview Inc. to construct a new apartment complex for its residents on property currently owned by Harvard located a half-mile from the current complex and allow Harvard to use the existing Charlesview site as part of the new campus.

The signing of the purchase and sale is an important step in the overall process required to finalize this transaction. While there are additional steps to follow, such as Charlesview filing their development proposal for the new apartment complex with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), this is another important step for Charlesview, Harvard and the City of Boston. Finalization of the agreement would enable Charlesview Inc. to build a new apartment complex that would maintain the existing 213 affordable units on one site and accommodate a new mixed-income program for working families in Allston -Brighton. We are pleased that this land exchange agreement would enable the Charlesview Apartments to remain an essential affordable housing resource for the Allston-Brighton community for generations to come.

The new Charlesview site incorporates a portion of the Brighton Mills Shopping Center, as well as a parcel on the north side of Western Avenue, with frontage on Soldiers Field Road and the Charles River adjacent to the Telford Street pedestrian bridge. The current Charlesview land at North Harvard Street and Western Avenue (known as Barry’s Corner) would become part of Harvard’s future campus in Allston. As you know, Harvard is currently considering possible academic uses of this site as part of its master planning process.


  1. Anonymous9:28 PM

    The Next Development Committee meeting will be on 12/03/2007 at 6:45pm in the Community room located at 51 Stadium Way Allston.
    There will be over 400 units between Brighton mills shopping center and the Telford Street bridge.

  2. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Tear that dump down. Move to the area Harvard have offered and the city will change the bus routes to facilitate them so that they don't have to walk 5 minutes to the bus routes. What is the problem here? Other than the residents whining and looking for a hand out this should be a done deal. They are living in a building that is falling apart and they are complaining that they will have to walk 5 minutes to a bus? Harvard could force their hand with eminent domain as the place is a blight. They should be thankful Harvard haven't played hardball.

    However Harvard's attitude needs some fine tuning.
    If Harvard really want to make headway in Allston they need to spend a few bucks making the streets look pretty. A few trees and some red brick to replace concrete on the sidewalks will put them in a positive light with the residents. It may not look like authentic "working class" but who really wants to be working class?
    What people want is a good neighborhood and a roof that doesn't leak. They want the value of their property to appreciate. For minimal money Harvard could show some good faith and start with the easy stuff right now.
    Dunkin' Donuts gone -who cares
    711 gone - oh well
    A crumbling grey building that looks like a converted parking garage gone - good riddance.

    A museum, a small park, a cycle path, a place for people to gather and enjoy themselves should be a no brainer for anyone living in Allston.

  3. Anonymous7:03 PM

    No one is complaining about walking 5 minutes for a bus get your facts straight. there is a bus stop outside on western ave. Oh by the way you must be the lady who lives by the laundry room who likes to kiss a** to the charlesview board.

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