Community Supported Agriculture comes to Allston

If you like vegetables and locally grown food, consider purchasing a CSA share for the summer of 2009 from Dragonfly Farms. Summer sure feels a long way away, but purchasing a share now provides the farm with financial stability for the upcoming season and gets you in the queue for a lot of yummy and healthy stuff later this year.

A full share costs $475 ($25/week) and a half share costs $270 for approximately 19 weeks of vegetables. After joining, you can pick up your box of veggies each week at the Allston Farmers Market (which is moving to Fridays). The Dragonfly Farms website describes what you can expect throughout the summer.

In the spirit of trying new and different healthy foods, I'm looking forward to trying some things I've never cooked before and that I always pass over in favor of more familiar foods. I don't know if my kids will enjoy garlic scapes but I'm willing to give them a try!


  1. Just Curious9:40 PM

    Where is Dragonfly farms located?
    Do you know if the vendors will be the same and if any others have been added. Friday's are much better.

  2. Dragonfly Farms is in Pepperell. I don't know anything else about the 2009 edition of the Allston Farmers Market. The website still has last year's info -

  3. I think this is great. It's less than we're spending on the scabrous vegetables at Shaw's these days.