Globe readers agree: too much snow on Allston sidewalks

Snow plows are too slow to clear streets - The Boston Globe
"I go to Allston a lot and yes, it's awful. People are right to complain. It's like Boston has forgotten that part of the city."

"I live in Allston, and before the snow storms, I used to walk over the pictured bridge daily to go to the Allston Public Library.Unfortunately, the snow was never cleared from the sidewalks, and turned to ice. I was afraid I'd slip and fall in the street, so I haven't tried walking the route in a few weeks."

"Everett Street is a joy compared to Market Street/Leo Birmingham Parkway, which has no side shoveled or plowed. Allston feels like the ugly step child of Boston this winter. Shame on the city."


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Hi Harry,

    My name is Gus Shlimbaum. I'm a Brighton resident and sportswriter for the Patriot Ledger in Quincy.

    I am also getting my Master's at Emerson in journalism and am working on a story about the lack of snow plowing in A-B. I love your blog as it keeps me informed about what's going on in my neighborhood.

    I saw the article in The Globe and was wondering if I could get a comment from you for a story which I'll post on our student website, I also hope to speak with Councilor Ciommo about the issue.

    If you could send me an email as soon as possible ( or call me on my cellphone at (908) 303-0949, I would really appreciate it.


  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    If you email me, can you give me a number I can reach you at, and some good times to call.