Shovels needed

You'd never know from the photo, but there is a sidewalk under all that snow on the Everett Street overpass that crosses the Mass Pike. Walking around Allston today with 3 kids was not particularly fun because the City and many private property owners did little or nothing to remove snow from the sidewalks adjacent to their property.

The person who answered the phone at the Mayor's Hotline (617-635-4500) politely took my request to have this sidewalk cleared. Hopefully it will happen before someone walking in the street gets hurt.

The city may have fancy new cameras to snap photos of unshoveled sidewalks, but I didn't see much evidence of stricter enforcement today.


  1. I had a similar issue near my house during the last snow storm and I used the Code Enforcment Division online customer service form. The issue was resolved the next day although I never received the email notification.

    here is the link

  2. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Thanks for pointing this out. I had no idea the Republik of Boston requires private citizens to labor, without compensation, on public property! CRAZY! I'm thinking about not shoveling so I can get a ticket and thus will have standing to challenge this on Constitutional grounds.

    It's sad, just as we're about to inaugurate the greatest President of all time, the city celebrates such an act by implementing Soviet-era social regulation. Hopefully, Barak will give Boston the CHANGE we need and get Menino and his crime syndicate out of office. "Yes We Can" say no to government imposed slavery on our sidewalks!!!!!!!!!

    Lincoln freed the slaves, which allowed Barak to get elected. Now it's time for Barak to return the favor and free the slaves of Boston!

  3. Victoria1:06 PM

    It's easy to understand why Anonymous did not leave a name...

    While those who drive everywhere need not worry about dangerous sidewalks, those of us who do not drive must use sidewalks to commute to work, grocery shopping, and other errands. Walking in the streets is downright silly.

    The stairs and walkway are owned by the MASS TURNPIKE AUTHORITY, and they refuse to maintain this area. It is time for those of us in Lower Allston to unite and DEMAND that in addition to doubling our Turnpike tolls, that the Turnpike Authority maintain its land.

    Today I spoke with several officials at the Turnpike Authority, and mailed pictures of the dangerous passageways and walks to the Boston Herald, and the A-B Tab. Lets hope that in this new age of accountability, the Turnpike can use their shovels in our neighborhood, not just outside of their posh offices at the Park Plaza.

  4. I think Harvard University, is just as BAD. They plow the parking lot's at Brighton Mills but will not clear the sidewalks that pedestrians have to use.The K-Mart side is OK. Sidewalks in question that are not cleared are behind the Limousine side of Brighton Mills. So when it GETS DARK OUT THE PEDESTRIANS HAS TO DODGE VEHICLES IF THEY ARE CARRYING GROCERY. There are signs on the Fences that state no parking over night Harvard University REAL ESTATE. SO THEY ARE THE PROPERTY OWNER SO WHY AREN'T THEY GIVEN A CITATION, LIKE OTHER PROPERTY OWNERS IN THE BOSTON AREA, AFTER A SNOW STORM. THEY ARE ONE OF THE BIGGEST LAND OWNERS IN THE ALLSTON BRIGHTON AREA AND THEY CAN'T EVEN CLEAR THEIR OWN SIDEWALK THAT HAS SNOW ON IT.

  5. Allston girl7:54 AM

    I went shopping on sunday afternoon at the Brighton sha's and was appalled at the plowing that was done. All the plowing done was up and down the aisles.
    NONE of the parking spaces were cleared and I mean NONE. Not even the handicapped areas. I doubt any severly handicapped person whould be out in that weather, but hell, they wouldn't be able to get out of the car even if they did. The whole parking lot was a disgrace. I am sure the plow got paid well for that storm.

  6. I contacted the city, then the Turnpike Authority. They in turn arranged a meeting yesterday with Mark Ciommo, our Allston City Councilor.

    Between them, they have decided that the land is NOT owned by the Pike, but by the City of Boston, and have now put the stairs and sidewalk on the list for snow clearance.

    They are out there today with a crew doing the stairs as I type.

    If it is not cleared in the future, contact the city via the web form, or call the Mayor's Hotline.