Wishing Harvard and BC become better neighbors

Its great to see the issue of community-university relations included in today's Globe editorial "Nine wishes for 2009". The writers describe their "hope [that] Greater Boston's public institutions become better neighbors" and suggest that

"Boston College thinks twice about forcing an unwelcome dormitory expansion plan into residential Brighton; Harvard continues close dialogue with community leaders as it builds its life sciences campus in Allston"
But what "close dialogue" could the Globe possibly think Harvard is having with anyone in Allston?

Harvard refuses to talk about Charlesview. The master plan consultants that Harvard hired several months ago have given only one public presentation. Harvard's planners have sat quietly through several North Allston/North Brighton Community Wide Plan meetings during recent months.

Respected intellectuals like David Bohm and Peter Senge have written extensively about what they think meaningful dialogue should be:
"In dialogue, there is the free and creative exploration of complex and subtle issues, a deep "listening" to one another and suspending of one's own views."
Certainly it would be wonderful if Harvard were willing to do anything like this with anyone in Allston, but based on what transpired in 2008 the Globe is giving Harvard way too much credit.


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Wishing Harvard or BC to become better neighbors is more like asking for a miracle.

  2. Isn't this the season for miracles

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Sorry JohnT, but most of us live in the real world. Unfortunately some people do not want to accept reality.

  4. And some people have no sense of humor.

  5. Anonymous7:04 PM

    What about "Wishing some Allston residents be less obstinate about wanting everything they can get from Harvard, just because they are wealthy?" -Signed, Allston Resident.