Harvard considers halting Science Complex construction

In November, The Crimson reported that "Though construction for the first science building in Allston, which began this spring, was slated to near completion in July 2011, it is unclear whether this date will be postponed as the University assesses current spending."

Today's edition of The Crimson informs us that Harvard administrators are moving forward with contingency plans in case construction of the Western Ave Science Complex is halted. Since the start of public discussion of the Science Complex, the star tenant for the buildings was to be The Harvard Stem Cell Institute and the immense value of their work was the primary rationale for Harvard's urgency during the City of Boston's Article 80 review and Harvard's request for the Phase One Waiver that was granted by the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office.

"Harvard provost Steven E. Hyman has asked faculty to consider the possibility of housing the department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology in existing University facilities in Cambridge...

the new plan would divert funds originally intended for the science complex in Allston to renovate Fairchild (map) for its new residents...

the Molecular and Cellular Biology department has been told to plan for an evacuation of Fairchild in six to twelve months, suggesting that the University will soon release a more definitive timeline for construction projects in Allston.

“It has to be clear that this is a ‘Plan B’ in case the Allston campus Science 1 building won’t be built or is delayed,” MCB department chair Catherine Dulac said."

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Move to Allston Uncertain for Stem Cell Department


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I find this rediculous.

    Tap into the god dam $25+ BILLION endowment before you even consider leaving a half built mess.

  2. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I sure hope that this comes up in tomorrow night's meeting. I would love to see how Harvard and the BRA dance around this latest news.

  3. Anonymous11:13 PM

    What exactly are you hoping to find out, that "Harvard considers halting the Science Complex construction" as the Crimson headline suggests? And what then, anon 6:34? Will you be happy or outraged, or will you just enjoy the sport of it all? I sincerely hope that the headline is not correct because we all lose out if Harvard can't build its science center.

  4. Anonymous2:58 PM

    If people hadn't fussed over Harvard's construction plans so much, this wouldn't be an issue. Now, the bleeding hearts got what they want and the neighborhood is pwned with scuttled construction sites. Neighborhood activism and "green space" FTL!

  5. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Hear hear, anonymous 2:58. Every time I heard someone crowing about another victory over Harvard, I wondered when these victories would add up to our ruin. Looking at our lost art museum, our delayed road improvements, the stalled redevelopment of Brighton Mills and now the possible loss of the Science Center, I fear we are about to find out.

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