Support A/B with a letter to the Globe

The Globe has written a lot in the last week about Harvard's broken promises and vacant buildings littering our neighborhood. Please consider writing a Letter to the Editor sharing your thoughts. City Hall needs to know that that the voters and taxpayers of Allston and Brighton expect our elected officials to use the full extent of their power to protect and improve our quality of life.

The City has made considerable investments in neighborhoods such as Grove Hall in Roxbury. Meanwhile, we were told over and over that we would benefit from a Harvard-led renaissance. Now that Harvard is talking about spending its money elsewhere, it is time for the City to step up. This could be as simple as finally building sidewalks on Everett St or as drastic as using eminent domain to take property that Harvard refuses to develop.

So whether your letter is 25 words or 150 words, please write. The more letters they get, the more likely they are to publish some of them.

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